New Health Platform: ÜLGEN

A Gradual Revolution: Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. With the Internet of Things, traditional paper-based health care is evolving into a new digital service model based on mobile healthcare applications, real-time patient data, and Internet-enabled remote patient monitoring systems.

It is also referred to as IoT - Internet of Medical Objects (IoMT) which is applied to health care systems. It is defined as a network of medical devices connected directly to automatically capture, share and monitor vital data through a secure service. They connect to a central control server in the cloud and transmit the information they have collected.

In recent years, the Internet is wider and more widespread, The reduction in connection costs, the integration of Wi-Fi features and sensors into special designed devices, and the strong use of smartphones are the perfect basis for the development of IoT. IoT is not new, but it has recently gained more attention in some sectors such as energy, mobility and health.

The development of IoT in the health market had a significant impact on the health sector as a whole and was particularly valuable in remote clinical monitoring, chronic disease management, preventive care, assisted living for older people, and personal fitness monitoring. IoT has changed the game in the healthcare sector by lowering costs, increasing productivity and bringing focus back to quality patient care.

Internet-connected devices have been introduced to the person in various ways. The variety of sensors may depend on the nature of the stimuli they respond to (physiological vital signs such as heartbeat or blood pressure and body movements) and their position in the body (clothing, subcutaneous implant, wearable devices). smart watch and glasses etc. These devices have the ability to meet the needs of patients by transferring information to patients' smartphones, computers, or other wireless devices in real time and have the potential to influence their behavior.

The sensors provide patients with self-monitoring, viewing and evaluation of physiological parameters, while providing interfaces and dashboards for caregivers. Many of these measures, which are very important to follow for some patients, often require follow-up interaction with a healthcare professional. This opens up a window of opportunity for smarter devices to provide more valuable data and reduces the need for direct patient-physician interaction.


This is exactly where Ülgen comes in, and the doctor brings a new dimension to the patient relationship. The data collected from various sensors are stored on the servers of the country and will be provided to the emergency department, doctor, nurse or relatives according to the warnings that can be defined by the person.

ULGEN can capture vital information for better health management, detect when a bed is busy, and determine when a patient is trying to get up to prevent a fall. It can detect possible minimal or maximum limits at body temperature. It can make suggestions accordingly. With the existing sensors on the pillow, bed, the patient's condition can be detected instantly.

ULGEN allows each user to share their development processes by entering a unique ID number.

It has the potential to access real-time data and transform it into remote health care. The emergence of this digital health technology has provided solutions to the increasing need for better diagnosis and more personal treatment tools. ULGEN plays an important role in a wide range of healthcare practices, from chronic disease prevention to disease prevention, but also works as a fitness and health monitor for athletes.


Reduced Costs

ULGEN allows healthcare providers to monitor patients in real-time using sensors based on the collection, recording and analysis of comprehensive information.
In particular, hospitalized patients, whose physiological status requires close attention, can be monitored continuously. In this way, ULGEN improves care quality simultaneously with constant attention and reduces the cost of care by regularly checking the patient's vital signs and eliminating the need to actively participate in data collection.

Improved Treatment Results

It allows ULGEN to access real-time information that enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide effective, evidence-based treatments.

Improved Disease Tracking

When patients are constantly monitored and caregivers have access to real-time data, diseases can be treated without serious complications. It makes preventive care possible, allows early diagnosis and provides insight into the effectiveness of the treatment prescribed for the patient's health.

Remote monitoring of chronic diseases

Access to health infrastructure and effective treatment for populations living in remote areas can be complex. Small and powerful wireless solutions that connect with ULGEN now enable these patients to access health monitoring. These solutions can be used to securely capture, analyze, and then share patient health data using a variety of sensors via wireless connectivity with medical professionals who can make appropriate health recommendations.

Advanced Patient Experience

The connection of the health system with ULGEN emphasizes the patients and their needs. Patients can now take control of their own health, monitor themselves and communicate with healthcare providers as needed. This leads to a new doctor-patient relationship in which the patient is a partner to establish appropriate (or even proactive) treatments, improve diagnostic accuracy and facilitate timely intervention by doctors.

Drug Management

The creation and management of drugs is a major expense in the health sector. Ulgen devices and processes can help to better manage these drug costs, especially those related to drug supply chain management.

Artificial Intelligence

ULGEN will be able to make recommendations about your health and predict possible emergencies and warn you. It aims to prevent a possible loss by sending emergency teams to your location.


Last Word...

ULGEN, with its sensors and health devices, aims to be a protective system that thinks of you in your life together with other providers. Its unique infrastructure and being accessible from anywhere will make you feel safe.


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Release date March 22, 2019

Last Update April 03, 2019